"Spread the Word" Materials

OMAA is proud to provide support materials for CAOs looking to "spread the word".

Next time you are asked to:

  • speak to local community groups or businesses
  • explain local government and the role of the CAO
  • talk to students about municipal government careers

Check out these ready made materials, including specific Ontario content, that you can make use of for creating your tailored message.

The "Making LIfe Happen" Campaign

Local Government Making Life Happen logo

In 2016/17 OMAA participated in a Canada wide Association effort, led by CAMA, with a mandate to raise local government awareness. With a specific focus on reaching young people to encourage municipal careers the "Making Life Happen" campaign has been created.

Template Slides and Print Materials

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Access the ready made materials including the Making Life Happen logo, slides, speaker notes and handouts, to enhance your next speaking engagement.

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Make sure to check out the "Making LIfe Happen" Website for more content and share the link with young people making career choices to ensure they are aware of exciting opportunities in municipal government

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To state the obvious, the municipal sector is facing increasing challenges with respect to recruiting staff that have the skills and leadership experience that are required for local government service delivery.

ONWARD is a leadership and talent management initiative that provides support to the municipal sector, offering a strategic approach to human resources management across Ontario. The organization’s objective is to ensure staffing needs are met for the future sustainability of municipal public service delivery.

This initiative was started in 2016 and has continued to work to raise awareness of, and provide innovative solutions to, municipalities in light of increasing recruitment and demographic challenges in a changing labour force.

  • ONWARD is a collaborative partnership comprised of numerous municipal Staff Associations and organizations in Ontario. In addition to OMAA, the following were participants in the ONWARD initiative;
  • AMCTO – Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario
  • MFOA – Municipal Finance Officers of Ontario
  • AMO – Association of Municipalities of Ontario
  • OGRA – Ontario Good Roads Association
  • OMHRA – Ontario Municipal Human Resources Association
  • OMERS – Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System
  • MROO – Municipal Retirees Organizations Ontario

As part of its workplan, ONWARD prepared a number of deliverables intended to assist with raising awareness of the current situation.

Key Documents such as:

  • Talent Management and Succession Planning Defined
  • A Municipal Management Competency Framework
  • A call to action discussion paper entitled The Ontario Municipal Government Leadership and Skills Gap; The Case for Action on Municipal Government Talent Succession Management
  • A template report intended to be a base for senior municipal leaders to bring forward their own municipal circumstances to Councils

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