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Join Us

Information and support that puts you at the centre

OMAA is dedicated to the interests and challenges of Ontario municipal administrators. Members have an immediate connection with each other given their common interests - no one understands the challenges and demands of a CAO - like another CAO.

Professional development, online resources, newsletters, facilitated member exchanges, and informal networking are focused on YOUR needs and interests.

Commitment at a level that works for you

Connect with the opportunities OMAA offers in the way that works best for you. Register for a workshop and we'll bet you come back for more. Volunteer for a committee. Attend a CAO Connection lunch event. Respond to a Member Request for info. OMAA is there for you.

A good complement to other municipal associations

Many OMAA members belong to other associations. We work closely with AMO, AMCTO, CAMA, MFOA, OMHRA, and others to make sure municipal issues are well-represented and to pool resources on subjects that are important to our members