Member Services

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Member Services

Creating value for our members

We provide outstanding value by negotiating competitive prices from our partners for tailored services to suit the unique needs of Ontario CAOs and Aspiring CAOs.


With Perkopolis, you can save more on everything from clothes and groceries, to events and travel. This perks program is free for you, so get ready to enjoy members-only offers.

To register simply go to and enter your email address. You will then receive a link to complete your registration with your member ID code (OMAA + your member ID#), ex: OMAA1201.

Mental and Physical Wellness Program

In development—stay tuned for more information.

Mentorship Program

We are pleased to offer a mentorship program that we call the OMAA Mentorship Match Up. This program provides aspiring and new CAOs with valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth through focused, one-on-one networking sessions with experienced CAOs.  Participation is offered as a benefit of membership with the association. Aspiring and new CAO Members of OMAA are invited to register to participate as mentees. CAOs with 5 years experience or more are invited to participate as Mentors. Sessions are generally virtual one-hour discussions on topics of interest to both parties. Follow the link to OMAA Mentorship Match Up to learn how the program works and how can participate.

Personal Branding Program

In development—stay tuned for more information.

Please get in touch if you have an idea for a service that might benefit OMAA members.

OMAA Executive Director