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Representing Today and Tomorrow's CAOs

OMAA promotes the value of professional management that CAOs bring to their municipalities.

OMAA provides the professional development, networking and support that cultivates the leadership skills of Ontario CAOs and aspiring CAOs.

OMAA prepares future municipal leaders with special attention to aspiring CAO needs and raising awareness regarding the satisfaction to be gained by pursuing a career in municipal government.

Press Releases

Leamington CAO Elected New President

The CAO Profile

OMAA and Dr. Gordon McIntosh have produced the CAO Profile as a reference for CAOs and Aspiring CAOs as they progress through the different stages of their professional career. It contains five leadership capabilities with four key competencies in each as developed over a series of extensive interviews and workshops. Each of key competencies is further broken down into career stages: beginning, mid-career, and experienced/ mentoring others. This CAO Leader Profile may be used for Leadership Alignment, Self-Assessment, or as a Coaching Aid. We hope you use it as a workbook as you progress through the various stages of your municipal career.

Members can download the profile in the Library-CAO 101 while Non-Members can order a hard copy in our online store

A Day in the Life of a CAO Video

This day in the life video profiles the role of the Ontario CAO. It illustrates the value of professional management and the dynamic nature of the Chief Administrative Officer role.

Members and others have utilized the video for student career days, council orientations, and presentations to local community groups.

Download a copy of the OMAA Video

The OMAA "Exchange"

This video series of conversation highlights the value of professional management provided by municipal CAOs.

Dale Curd hosts conversations with OMAA members. These short clips contain thought-provoking dialogue regarding the significance and challenges of being a CAO.