CAO Placement Guidelines

OMAA maintains information intended to assist CAOs with the preparation of employment contracts.  A number of sample agreements and potential terms have been collected and are available for reference purposes. 

This initiative has grown into a more comprehensive approach that now also includes providing guidance for elected officials with respect to best practices for engagement and ongoing oversight of Council’s one employee.  Working in partnership with the Ontario Municipal Human Resources Association (OMHRA) the CAO Placement Guideline has been prepared bringing together information on CAO recruitment including:

  • alternative recruitment processes
  • bylaws
  • suggestions for CAO contracts
  • options for CAO performance evaluation. 

The CAO Placement Guideline 

Sample CAO Contracts

OMAA offers a good practise contract as an optional baseline model for you to consider as part of your contract preparations.
Situations differ in terms of the experience of the candidate, the geography of the municipality, the risk connected to the position, current market conditions, and other factors.  2024 Good Practise CAO Contract  

OMAA strongly encourage anyone considering a new or revised employment contract to seek out and retain legal advice. You can find a listing of employment lawyers in your area by using the Law Society of Ontario's Lawyer Directory Use the Advanced Search, click Employment/Labour Law, and then enter your desired location.  

CAO Municipal World Performance Evaluation Articles

Sample CAO Performance Evaluation Formats

A Link to the CAMA CAO Performance Evaluation Toolkit